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"And there are among them composers of verses whom they call Bards; these singing to instruments similar to a lyre, applaud some, while they vituperate others." -Diodorus Siculus Histories 8BCE

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12 September 2006

The Ringing Archives

Unlike many blog carnivals that simply go away after the new wears off, it was my feeling the Ringing Of The Bards should remain useful for years to come. Admittedly I've not done the best job possible but there are three archives that are located outside of this website.

The Who's Hosting page serves as an archive as well.

The first archive can be found at my own where links to every Ringing can be found. The second is our newsletter archive. Yeah, I've missed a couple of newsletters but most are there. The third archive is kept at where each and every host can update the archives and announce the carnivals they plan to host even if I fail to get it done.

And those, my fellow poets, are four more reasons why you should consider hosting the Ringing Of The Bards.


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