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"And there are among them composers of verses whom they call Bards; these singing to instruments similar to a lyre, applaud some, while they vituperate others." -Diodorus Siculus Histories 8BCE

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16 October 2006

17 Ringers In A Row

Because I made a dumb mistake causing my hobby horse to throw a shoe, we almost failed to have a Ringing this week but the rushing Russian Abhay came racing in on a fast horse to save the day. Abhay, you are a hero and the author of some very fine verse.

The Ringing Of The Bards is a weekly English Language poetry carnival open to poetry bloggers around the world. Why only English? Because I'm a dumb American who knows no other language.

Next week's host will be the naughty neon boys and girls of Wet Poems. Future hosts are always needed, you can check who's hosting when, get answers to your Ringing questions, and sign-up for the Ringing/Idle Hands Newsletter to be kept up to date on each and every Ringing Of The Bards as well as the latest in Billy News.

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