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"And there are among them composers of verses whom they call Bards; these singing to instruments similar to a lyre, applaud some, while they vituperate others." -Diodorus Siculus Histories 8BCE

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29 July 2006

Are There Any Rules We Must Follow?

The short answer: not many. Rules are generally set by each host but there are also carnival guidelines that are generally accepted but not considered written in stone. The first blog carnival, the Carnival of the Vanities was founded by North Carolina bloggers, Bigwig and Kehaar of Silflay Hraka and most are based on their example.

The generally accepted guidelines of The Ringing Of The Bards are as follows:

* It is recommended that current hosts follow these instructions and that future scheduled hosts submit here. IN doing so you may get more traffic and or submissions.
* Participants in any carnival should be willing to link to any carnival in which they are highlighted.
* Submissions should usually be no more than two weeks old but exceptions can be made.
* Submissions are usually due by 2PM., EST on Saturday but sometimes a host may have business or personal needs that cause him or her to vary the submission deadlines.
* The Ringing Of The Bards is usually posted online on Saturday or Sunday of each week.
* What is acceptable as a submission is at the discretion of the host. Should a host be unsure he or she can always consult the administrator of the carnival. In the case of the Ringing, the administrator is currently, Billy Jones of The administrator has no control over the host and is only there for consultation so don't bother trying to go over the head of any host. After all, there will always be other weeks and other carnivals one might try.
* Hosts may set a theme or topic but in doing so you run the risk that few will submit to your carnival. A better way is to set a theme with the option of accepting submissions outside the theme.
* Late submissions are sometimes accepted, though they will most often be footnotes at the end as rewriting an entire carnival for a few late submissions is more than would be expected of any host. If you're late and you get a link then be happy.
* A host may accept as many submissions as that host feels capable of handling be it 10, 20, 50, or 100. Honestly, no one is expected to handle over 20 or so submissions but if you're up to the task then handle it.
* When the ringing Of The Bards becomes consistently too big, it is hoped a second poetry carnival will be started by someone brave enough or foolish enough to try it, And it will be with the full blessings of those who participate in the Ringing.
* And finally, it's recommended that hosts send an e-mail to Billy Jones at idleblogs (AT) so he will know your carnival is up and running.

Remember: Nothing is set in stone and discretion should always be used.

Week Six Is Alive!

Once again The Ringing Of The Bards-- the poetry carnival arisen-- is up and running, this time at the home of Bob Hazelton known to most as Average Poet. There are truly a lot of great submissions this week and Bob has exceeded even his own expectations with his presentation.

Next week's hostess will be none other than Miss Erin.

Speaking of hosts, they are desperatly needed. I know it sounds scary but it's really lots of fun. Please volunteer to keep the Ringing alive.

23 July 2006

How Do I Make The Most From The Ringing I Host?

In the interest of getting the most pleasure and traffic from your having hosted The Ringing Of The Bards may I suggest the following:

I know it's really hard but try to be original in the way you host the carnival. Take a look at previous ringings and see how others did it. You can find previous hosts here as well as future hosts and available dates.

Submit your Ringing Of The Bards to so that others from outside our community can find it as well.

Submit an article to with the hyperlink to your poetry carnival.

Send an e-mail to Billy Jones at idleblogs (AT) with the hyperlink of your carnival so that Billy can post it to his blog and other highly trafficked areas only he has access to. Be sure to put "The Ringing" in the subject line of your e-mail.

Tell your friends and family.

Tell at least a few of those who participated in your carnival that the Ringing is posted, making sure you give them the hyperlink as well.

In the days leading up to the Ringing be sure to spread the word.

Avoid trapping poets into themes or certain types of poetry. There's no rule that says you can't set a theme or require that everyone write say a sonnet for example, instead of free verse or rhyming verse but that will cut down on the number of submissions as well as the number of links others post to your carnival. Remember: a blog carnival can help put you on the map but if the restrictions you set push out a heavy hitter then you very well might not get the attention you deserve.

And remember: It's all in fun so don't be afraid to be a host.

The Ringing Of The Bards-- Week 5

Cecilia of Clear Candy Daily is our hostess for this week's Ringing Of The Bards-- a celebration of poets and poetry from around the world. In this week's Ringing we have poets representing Lebanon, Iraq, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, one secret agent from somewhere, one from somewhere in the stars, one from on the road, several from Europe, the Philippines, Canada, a Cod Sandwich, England, and the US of A., and is dedicated to Lebanon and to Ashraf whose family lies awake at night listening for the bombs while world leaders grow fat on their profits built upon the sales of weapons to those who wish to destroy the world. Remember: As Lebanon dies so dies the world.

My apologies for getting political with this week's poetry carnival but as world leaders are too cowardly to say it, we bards are left to spread the word.

Next week's host of the Ringing Of The Bards will be Bob Hazelton of Average Poet (an understatement, to say the least) and is proudly endorsed by and by me.

We've lots of weeks available should you wish to host The Ringing, simply check the schedule and e-mail me at idleblogs (AT)

16 July 2006

The Ringing #4

The Ringing Of The Bards is again being heard around the world as we all get a taste of Crunchy Weta, the poetry blog of Glenn from New Zealand.

Next week's Ringing will be in Europe and will be hosted by Cecilia of Clear Candy Daily. Please be sure to get your submissions in by 2 PM Saturday so that C will have plenty of time to get them all posted. Also, more hosts are needed for July 29th. and any week after August 5th. You can always find out who hosted previously, who is hosting now, and what weeks are available for you to host by checking out the Who's Hosting page at The Ringing Of The Bards blog.

11 July 2006

Hey Big Guy, Wanna Party?

Looking for a date? We've got weeks available and all it will cost you is your time. Hot, willing, and very able poets are waiting for you so what are you waiting for?

09 July 2006

The Ringing #3

The 3rd., edition of The Ringing Of The Bards has been posted to Arch.memory.

The next ringing will be hosted by Crunchy Weta.

To find out who is hosting on any particular week, find links to previous editions, or to see what weeks are available for you to host simply go to the Who's Hosting page.

04 July 2006

Dates Available

We just had a cancelation so several dates are now open for those who might wish to host The Ringing Of The Bards. Currently available dates are July 15th., July 29th., and any week after August 5th. You can always check the schedule here.

01 July 2006

The Ringing #2

The second Ringing Of The Bards is posted at SomethingKaty. Whatever you do, don't miss it.