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"And there are among them composers of verses whom they call Bards; these singing to instruments similar to a lyre, applaud some, while they vituperate others." -Diodorus Siculus Histories 8BCE

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27 June 2006

Is There A Limit To How Big The Ringing Can Be?

I got an e-mail from Katy yesterday. Katy is hosting "The Ringing #2" and because this is her first effort at hosting a blog carnival she was wanting to know if there was a limit as to how many submissions she was allowed to accept?

The simple answer, no, there is no limit. But that brings us to another question:

What if The Ringing Of The Bards becomes too big for one host to handle? If it turns out to be an occasional problem the host has the right to determine which submissions he or she will drop, but if hosts are continually reporting too many submissions then we'll simply start a second poetry carnival so we can accommodate even more poetry.

Don't worry though, Katy is hoping to host a really big carnival so I don't think anyone will be dropped this week.


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